The top ten: the business lowdown

What kind of business and finance information were pharmacists looking for this year? Here’s our top 10 business columns for 2020

The importance of being flexible, adjusting for new conditions and preparing for the worst were emphasised in our list of the top most read business columns for 2020.

The list features a number of contributions from Natalie Sirianni on the market situation during the year, Phil Chapman’s update on the rent situation during the pandemic and Bruce Annabel and Mal Scrymgeour’s analysis of the impacts of COVID-19 and lockdowns, and of the 7CPA. 

Leading them all was Ben Wilkins article on getting prepared for e-prescriptions.

The top ten business columns for 2020 were:

  1. The need to be prepared
  2. Profit accelerators
  3. The exam you can’t afford to fail
  4. It’s just not cricket?
  5. 7CPA: not everything is as it seems
  6. 7 tips for buying your first pharmacy
  7. Are there many pharmacy buyers?
  8. The market situation
  9. Buying and selling in a pandemic
  10. The rent outlook


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