The week in review

We take a look back at the last week in pharmacy

As we head towards Christmas and the end of 2016, life goes on in the pharmacy industry. And life’s looking rosy for the Capital Chemist Wanniassa: already a finalist in the Guild Pharmacy of the Year competition, this week it was also named the Capital Chemist Pharmacy of the Year. Congratulations to managing partners Elise Apolloni and Honor Penprase!

We learned that around 60 generic medicines have been granted price increases this month, including a 133% increase for a common antibiotic.

AHPRA has been in the limelight: Academic Kerry Breen claimed in the Australian Health Review that the registration scheme for health practitioners has “serious flaws”. And a new study of notifications found that pharmacists are much more likely than doctors to receive a regulatory penalty if they are subject to a notification for unsafe practice.

A Cochrane Review found that when it comes to chronic disease outcomes, pharmacist prescribers are comparable to medical prescribers.

The Pharmacy Guild sent members an alert warning them to be wary of participating in the Financial Survey announced last week by Professor Stephen King; Prof King responded this week by explaining that the Panel is attempting to understand financial stresses on the sector and the importance of the PBS remuneration and location rules.

And when it comes to Christmas, the Shoppies’ Union was offering some good advice to customers: calm down and be nice to the retail workers serving you. Here’s hoping they take that on board when they’re in pharmacy.

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