Thieves ‘grabbed all the pseudoephedrine’

A pharmacist says he will start locking up the decongestant every night, while staff at another store are rattled by an armed robbery with a syringe

The Morning Bulletin has reported on the robbery of Gladstone’s Blooms the Chemist, which was robbed of cash and medicines last week in an incident the pharmacist describes as opportunistic.

Manager Raju Rapaka said that just after 1am on Friday, the store’s alarm rang, and bystanders heard it and contacted police.

Police notified him quickly, and he went to the pharmacy to find it had been broken into, with the door smashed.

After police gave him some gloves and allowed him to enter and identify what was missing, he noted the lack of pseudoephedrine in the pharmacy.

“They smashed the door and got in and grabbed all the Pseudoephedrine products opportunistically and grabbed whatever they could on their way out,” he told reporter Rodney Stevens.

“We were very lucky it didn’t happen while we were working, we could have had a lot of damage and it could have hurt my girls, so I feel very lucky.

“I don’t think we were targeted, it’s just random, but it’s so unfortunate because it has created a lot of work for me.”

The thief made away with a small amount of cash and some other items as well as the pseudoephedrine.

Police are now investigating the incident and hoping to identify the offender, who is believed to be male, the Bulletin reports.

Mr Rapaka said that the pharmacy team is working on beefing up security, including “locking up the Pseudoephedrine products every night”.

Meanwhile the Courier Mail has reported on a robbery at the Red Edge Shopping Centre.

Staff at the Goodna Day and Night Pharmacy were reportedly left “shaken” after a man, allegedly armed with a syringe, went there on Sunday night and threatened them.

At around 7pm, the masked man allegedly stole “a quantity of drugs”.

A 25-year-old Goodna man was later arrested and charged with two counts of armed robbery, and with possessing dangerous drugs.

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