Victoria legalises medicinal cannabis

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Victorian patients and their families will be able to legally access medicinal cannabis in exceptional circumstances with the historic Access to Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2015 passing the Victorian Parliament.

Victoria is the first state in Australia to make medicinal cannabis available to people in exceptional circumstances.

The Bill creates a legal framework to enable the manufacture, supply and access to safe and high quality medicinal cannabis products in Victoria.

Children with severe epilepsy will be given first access to medicinal cannabis from early 2017.

The Government is establishing the Office of Medicinal Cannabis to oversee manufacturing and all clinical aspects of the medicinal cannabis framework.

The Office will work with clinicians, doctors and general practitioners to help them understand their role in prescribing medicinal cannabis, and with patients and families to educate them about medicinal cannabis and eligibility for the scheme.

The Government is also establishing an independent medical advisory committee to provide advice on matters including:

  • Medicinal cannabis products that should be available under the Victorian access scheme.
  • Possible expansion of patient eligibility.
  • Other clinical matters.

Initially, government production will supply products to the first patient group. A key step to providing ongoing access to medicinal cannabis will be the establishment of cultivation and manufacturing industries in Victoria to support an ongoing and reliable supply of products.

In the first instance, the Government is undertaking a small-scale, strictly controlled cannabis cultivation trial at a Victorian research facility.

“Children with severe epilepsy will now be able to legally access this life-saving treatment from as early as 2017, ” says Minister for Health Jill Hennessy.

“It is absolutely heart-breaking to see families having to choose between breaking the law and watching their children suffer – and now, thanks to our ground-breaking legislation, they won’t have to.”

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  1. John

    Not everyone will need these man made “naturally” altered medicines and no one should have to wait or spend huge sums of money on medicines when it is provided for us by nature free of charge, Aside from the fact that cannabis is a vegetable with many of the same nutrients as other leafy greens (like fiber, iron and calcium), it is jam-packed with beneficial cannabinoids that are unique to the cannabis plant. In other words, juiced cannabis is a nutritionally-dense, very potent medicine. 
 The high concentration of cannabinoids in juiced cannabis coupled with the perfect balance of fatty acids could help improve cell function and reduce damage caused by free radicals. Additional benefits of raw, juiced cannabis include reduced inflammation and the facilitation of two-way cellular communication. Many cannabinoids also have anti-tumor properties which are readily available through the consumption of raw marijuana. The N° 6 630 507 United States patent states that some cannabinoids have useful therapeutic effects, which are not activated by cannabinoid receptors and, consequently, don’t have psychoactive effects. Furthermore, this absence of psychoactivity allows very high doses without non-desired side effects. 
Dr. Courtney claims that these cannabinoids help the regulatory system of our body to be more efficient. In summary, they are nutrients that help to better regulate the performance of our 210 types of body cells. We are not talking here about their use as a medicine, but simply as essential nutrients

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