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About half of readers think the new Agreement is ‘no better or worse’ than the 6CPA, and most are split over funding distribution

The Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement (7CPA) was signed in Canberra on 11 June with several key features including changes to dispensing fees, a new volume-based remuneration adjustment mechanism, and $1.2 billion for professional pharmacy programs and services, among others.

We asked readers what they thought about the new Agreement and its features.

When asked, ‘What do you think of the 7CPA as a whole?’, 49% said “it is no better or worse than the last Agreement. A third (33%) said “it is a good Agreement for pharmacists”, while 18% believe pharmacists are worse off under the 7CPA than they were under the 6CPA.

Just over half (52%) are happy with the way funding has been distributed in the 7CPA, while 48% are unhappy with it.

The majority of pharmacists (84%) are happy with the new volume-based remuneration adjustment mechanism, which replaces the 6CPA risk-share arrangement. And 72% are happy with the cancellation of the Premium Free Dispensing Incentive and its re-investment into other core dispensing fees.

Over half of pharmacists (56%) say they are happy with clinical interventions being dropped from funding, while the remaining 44% are unhappy with it.

Most (83%) are happy with the signalled adoption of the Modified Monash Model, and around the same amount (81%) approve of increased funding for rural support programs and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander specific programs.

The majority (85%) are pleased that the 60-day dispensing proposal is not being written into the 7CPA.

However 84% are unhappy about the continuation of the optional $1 discount.

Meanwhile leading pharmacist Debbie Rigby commented that she was “disappointed PSA is not a co-signatory for professional programs”.

She added that missing in the 7CPA was “increased investment in HMRs and RMMRs/QUM services [which are] evidence-based and shown to make a difference in patient outcomes and reduced healthcare expenditure; and funding for asthma care programs through community pharmacy and GP pharmacists.”

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