Woman accidentally locked inside airport pharmacy almost misses flight

She was trapped inside the Boots store for nearly an hour and almost missed her flight to Greece

The incident occurred last Saturday at around 9.30pm when the store closed its doors for business.

The woman, believed to be Dutch, had been doing some last-minute shopping in the departures lounge store when she found herself trapped after Boots staff closed and then locked the store with her still inside.

She soon realised she was trapped but her calls for help weren’t answered until half an hour later when a passer-by walked past the shop and notified security.


Amateur footage shows the frustrated woman standing behind the security door with her hands on her hips while two security personnel talk to her from the other side of the screen.

Thick steel shutters covering the entire front of the store had been rolled down.

The unnamed passer-by told the Coventry Telegraph: “I was with my family and some friends waiting for our flight having something to eat and was just on my way to get a newspaper.

“I noticed the shops in the departures area were closing and some had closed.

“As I was walking past the Boots store I became conscious of a rapping sound and a woman’s voice.

“The shutters were steel but I could see through the slats and there may have been plastic behind them.”


She asked the man to get help, stressed that she would miss her plane.

“I asked her what time her flight was and she said she was getting a 10.45pm flight to Greece with a friend. She was obviously very anxious but I told her not to worry and that I would get help,” the man told the Coventry Telegraph.

The woman’s flight started boarding as security worked to free her, but thankfully she made it to her gate just in time to board.

Airport security said they have apologised to the woman and are investigating how the incident occurred.

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