Woman dumps poo at Chemist Warehouse

woman holding her nose

A woman abused staff at a Chemist Warehouse and dumped a bag of human faeces on the pharmacy’s counter

The Courier-Mail and Daily Mail report that a woman has faced court on a guilty plea of public nuisance and assault occasioning bodily harm after the March incident at the pharmacy.

The court heard that the 29-year-old nursing student and mother of two had gone to the Chemist Warehouse at Redland City and asked the staff there if her four-year-old could use the pharmacy’s bathroom.

The staff, however, said that there were no public facilities at the pharmacy and directed her to a Hungry Jacks restaurant across the road.

“Guess you’ll just have to shit yourself then,” the woman told her child, and left the pharmacy.

But she returned that evening with a plastic bag of faeces which she then put on the counter.

“Here is your bag of shit,” staff said she told them.

A security guard intervened and asked her to take the faeces with her when she left, but she smacked him with her open hand instead.

The woman’s defence counsel, Patrick Cullinane, told the court that the behaviour was out of character and was as a result of “overwhelming stressors” she was experiencing.

Magistrate Mark Nolan, however, said that “having your child’s faeces in a bag and placing it on the counter of the pharmacy … it’s an awful thing to do”.

“Regardless of how frustrated you may have been… the staff there don’t deserve to be treated that way.”

The woman interrupted and told the magistrate that the Chemist Warehouse staff had been rude to her, but she was asked to stop speaking.

She was not given a conviction, but was fined $1500.

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