Advancing your career

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Advancing your career

In the second of our series on progressing your career, pharmacists talk about looking for and taking the opportunities, not restricting your options and finding mentors

In the second of our series on career progression, Carlene McMaugh speaks to pharmacists about how their careers have progressed and any advice they can offer.

Carlene speaks to:

  • Ellis Apolloni talks about internships and learning from people, the benefit of networks, career counselling, balancing your learning with reality, what hinders career progress and knowing your limitations
  • Sandra Minas discusses niche pharmacy roles, looking outside hospital and career pharmacy, not being stuck in one area and the benefits of surrounding yourself with positive people
  • Steve Morris offers advice to early career pharmacists, and talks about be open to a range of opportunities
  • Sam Flood talks about dealing with employer perceptions, applying for your first role and having an open mind. He also talks about how he’s confronted his career opportunities while having a physical disability

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Carlene McMaugh, AJP podcast host

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