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  1. Peter Allen

    “…There are also things we don’t know that we don’t know.”
    There is penicillin with known positives and negatives. There is homeopathy, with no positives and kknow negatives (delay in treatment).
    In between are two borderline families, and how do we face those, if anything other than EBM with an A+ is beyond the pale? Are they or are they not defensible? Perhaps ‘do no harm’ will do for now, which Aust-L covers.

    There is ‘perhaps it works’, such as calcium currently being advertised on TV for insomnia.

    There is ‘it really does seem to work … but we don’t have blessing from Cochrane yet’ such as cough and cold remedies, vitamin D, chondroitin, B12 injections (yes, doctors use placebos too).

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