Embrace the detours

Detour and roadblock signs

How you handle the unexpected can have a big payoff, writes Karen Brown

The path to business success is a road full of obstacles and detours. How you navigate your journey ultimately determines how successful and enjoyable it is.

We can dwell on the things that we have no control over, or we can focus our energies on the many things in our control. This has been a mantra for me over the last 12 months – a time that has seen many curveballs in the pharmacy world.

Last year I was notified that Chemmart Pharmacy and Terry White Chemists had merged. I had been a passionate and loyal Chemmart member for over nine years.

The merger decision was out of my control but how I handled this curveball was very much in my control. It provided a great opportunity to evaluate and reassess where I wanted to take my business.

Whilst stressful at times, this experience has enabled me to reflect on the role that the brand plays in our pharmacy journey.

I see the brand as the trunk in our pharmacy tree. It is the core structure that supports our pharmacy providing stability, strength and power.

How our pharmacy tree grows, how abundant the leaves are, what flowers blossom and how solid the root system is ultimately up to me as the owner. I decided to focus my energies on the myriad of things that are in my control – strengthening my foundations, which is my team and focusing on our flowers, which are the people and services that set us apart from all our competition.

Twelve months on and we have expanded the pharmacy, completed a major refit and rebranded as TerryWhite Chemmart Samford.

My vision is to redefine how people see their community pharmacy through innovative health services and a state of the art pharmacy: a vision that has evolved over the last 12 months and one that truly excites me.

Curveballs can come from within the industry, your own team and even your personal life. It is important you have a network of support that you can talk to, confide in, share ideas with and ideally someone that pushes you to take the first step.

One of the major keys to success is to keep moving and I recently read a great statement from a business owner: “You can follow your dream, trust your instincts and work out one obstacle at a time. You can correct your course and reinvent yourself as you go, it is all part of the journey.”

Karen Brown is the managing partner of the TerryWhite Chemmart Samford, which was the Community Engagement Winner in the Guild Pharmacy of the Year 2016.

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  1. Slim Jim

    Is this an Opinion piece or an advertorial?

    • Jarrod McMaugh

      Opinion piece.

      It’s using the impact of a huge development in the writer’s professional and business environment to demonstrate how change management can impact the outcomes in your favour.

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