CPD Answers


CPD articles published in the AJP are generally accredited for a period of two years from the date of publication.

As it is a requirement of the Accreditation Standards for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Activities that assessment questions must be attempted prior to answers being given, we are no longer able to publish answers to the assessment questions for each article on the AJP website.

Readers can earn CPD credits for education articles published in the AJP by submitting their answers online to any of the following organisations:

All Australian pharmacists can submit answers at no charge at via the Guild Learning and Development website, https://guilded.guild.org.au/. Once logged into your account, click on the blue ‘Journal Assessments’ button. Then use the search tool to find the AJP Journal Assessments; ensure you put AJP in the ‘Search by name’ field, and put ‘Journal Assessments’ in the category field.

PSA members can submit answers online at http://www.psa.org.au/ and follow the link to submit answers.

All Australian pharmacists can submit answers for AJP CPD-accredited articles at no charge via the Australian College of Pharmacy website. You need to be registered with the College to access the CPD assessments. Go to at http://www.acp.edu.au/ and click on the AJP slider. Choose a CPD activity by clicking on the title of one of the CPD activities listed. Click on the Enrol here button (top RHS). If you’re already registered with the College you will be asked to enter your log in details in order to access a CPD assessment. If you’re a first-time user of the College you will be asked to register (for free) before you can access the AJP CPD assessments.

New Zealand PDA members can submit answers online for these sections at http://www.pda.org.nz/. Log into the members section and follow the link. NZ PDA members will require a pass mark of 80% before Group 2 ENHANCE points will be added to their record.