Agenda Setters: Marta Stybowski

AJP chats with Marta Stybowski, who was voted by readers as pharmacy’s fourth leading Agenda Setter

Starting out as a community pharmacist, Marta Stybowski has branched out into an interesting, and different career trajectory to most of her peers, but her selection at number four in our list shows the regard in which her work for the profession is held.

Marta says: “I am in a less conventional role in pharmacy – having stepped out of full time dispensing I now work with pharmacists and pharmacy staff to improve their business.  Although we do a lot of work in the pharmacy design space, we also work with businesses on a variety of process improvement measures and assist them with change implementation. 

“This can vary from reviewing their resource allocation, dispensary workflow, internal and external communication and a variety of other operational issues they may be trying to overcome.

“I began my career as a community pharmacist and made the most of a lot of different opportunities in my early years – I loved a challenge and loved being out of my comfort zone,” she says. 

“This led me to working as a community pharmacist from one of the southern-most pharmacies as a locum in Tassie, to a stint in far north Queensland and a number of jobs in between. I locumed, managed and even worked as an accredited pharmacist for a period of time – and this gave me a great insight into the many facets of being a true ‘community pharmacist’.”

Marta joined Willach Pharmacy Solutions as a consulting pharmacist and communications manager before taking on her current role as general manager of consulting company Pharmacium in 2017.

She says her role in setting the agenda relies around helping pharmacies having “one small win at a time – and I feel I am in a very fortunate position to help pharmacies embark on those first few steps towards successful change and business improvement”. 

“I believe understanding their daily challenges ‘from the trenches’ helps to connect with our clients – to understand their issues and provide them with simple yet practical and effective solutions.  We do challenge the status quo – and sometimes meetings do get ‘heated’, but change can be uncomfortable and disruptive and that’s not a bad thing”.

What our readers said:

“Launched Pharmacium showing her innovative and entrepreneurial spirit with an aim to deliver a solution nobody else in the industry can offer, great advice, customer service and real results”.

“Has spent the last 10 years of her professional life passionately and actively campaigning to give pharmacists the time, space and processes to fulfill their full potential”.

The Agenda Setters campaign asked AJP readers to vote for the pharmacists they feel are showing the way forward for the profession. We finished with a list of 13 winners as voted by you: see the full list here.

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