Agenda Setters: Michael Dooley

AJP chats with Michael Dooley, who was voted by readers as pharmacy’s third leading Agenda Setter

Professor Michael Dooley, the current President of the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) was nominated as an agenda setter by AJP readers for leading the way for hospital pharmacists.

Under his leadership, SHPA has launched its residency program and specialty practice streams, as well as partnered with the PSA and Pharmacy Guild to re-launch the Advancing Practice framework.

Professor Dooley, who is the Director of Pharmacy at Alfred Health in Melbourne, and professor of Clinical Pharmacy at Monash University, says there are a lot of opportunities for pharmacists across “a whole range of settings” including hospital, community, in the home and in GP practices.

“Pharmacists have a lot of experience and a lot of expertise, but to develop into those complex areas and evolving practices, we need to set the bar higher for what we can see pharmacists being able to contribute,” Professor Dooley tells AJP.

“We have to develop and support the workforce to practise at a much higher level.”

He says the future of the profession lies not in supply chain but in “cognitive services, influencing decision making, improving care of patients, and facing patients.”

This includes pharmacist prescribing.

“The contribution of pharmacists is really around that decision making, not the dispensing part.

“That’s where we need to go, and continue to expand on, develop and support.

“Basically it’s working with everyone to develop to where we should be in 5, 10, and 15 years’ time and coming up with strategies to achieve that … to not look backwards, but to look over the horizon.”

What our readers said:

“Michael is constantly pushing the boundaries of the profession, leading pharmacy forwards.”

“A true visionary who is committed to improving patient care, through his commitment to hospital pharmacy and the development of services and practitioners.”

“A ‘disruptor’ challenging the status quo & driving new ideas. His innovation in areas of professional development & research has strengthened SHPA’s position in Aus pharmacy”.

“Has lead SHPA’s introduction of services benefiting the whole profession, including advance practice recognition and residencies”.

The Agenda Setters campaign asked AJP readers to vote for the pharmacists they feel are showing the way forward for the profession. We finished with a list of 13 winners as voted by you: see the full list here.

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