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Isle Pharmacy team from Utas (L-R): Alison Hay, Monique Scott, Caitlin O'Keefe and Madeline Spencer.
The 2017 winning team from Utas (L-R): Alison Hay, Monique Scott, Caitlin O'Keefe and Madeline Spencer

Meet the three teams competing in the Guild’s National Student Business Plan final in early September

The winner of the award will be announced at Pharmacy Connect after the three teams vying for the prestigious title compete in the final round of the event.

This year’s three finalists, from an original field of 16, are:

  • TASASSIST Pharmacy, University of Technology Sydney
  • Endo Program Pharmacy, University of Otago
  • Cloud Nine Pharmacy , University of Sydney

The competition is an Australia and New Zealand-wide challenge which aims to promote creative entrepreneurship among students preparing for a career in community pharmacy.  

The teams


Endo stands for Educate, Network, Develop and provide Opportunities and the groups looks to the bridge between the hospital and community pharmacy.

“Through our Endo program, pharmacists will make periodical home visits to provide medicine-related care to ensure patients recover properly in the first month post-discharge,” the team says.

The Endo team’s Marketing Lead is Yasaman Mohammadi who promotes Endo to the community and hospitals and uses innovative techniques to establish the importance of post-discharge care and vaccinations.

Phuong Le is the group’s numbers person who works to ensure Endo remains financially sound and continues to grow in the future.

“Operations do not run by themselves. Josephine Sithole, our operations manager, has acquired years of experience to know how to run a pharmacy effectively and efficiently. Her ability to communicate with all those she works with is by far her greatest asset,” Endo says.

“Jacky Tsao has vision (some say 20/20) and as the Pharmacist-in-Charge, he devises and implements strategies that grows Endo consistently and sustainably.”

“Our purpose-built Endo portal will bring an additional dimension to service. Through the Endo portal, pharmacists can communicate with hospital doctors, nurses and community GPs, with the patient’s health status and coordinate in real-time to make changes to treatment plans so patients have an optimal and uneventful recovery.

“We have a passion for educating effectively. Our use of art to promote vaccinations will broaden the outreach as the majority of people are visual learners. We will network and forge strong relationships with other primary healthcare professionals to create opportunities for Endo pharmacists to educate patients of the benefits of vaccinations.”


This team says that every day it strives to improve patient health through delivering quality care services.

“The TASASSIST team is determined to seek innovative solutions to common health problems faced by our patients. Our mission is to actively listen and engage with patients to offer better solutions for their healthcare needs.

“With our new services combating allergy, we aim to help patients help themselves in achieving better health outcomes. These services are part of a new initiative implemented to overcome the growing prevalence of allergy and allergic rhinitis in the area.”

The TASASSIST team is made up of four patient-focussed and service-oriented pharmacists.

Understanding patient needs and concerns is the main aim of the team which comprises Jeannette Le, Hansanadee Nayana Ananda, Ellen South and Germán Sánchez Henares.

“With years of experience in community pharmacy, Jeannette, our pharmacist-in-charge, is the dedicated service champion who organises the team,” the team says.

“Hansanadee, our operations manager, is passionate about networking and gathering insight from experts in the pharmacy field.

“Ellen has always recognised the importance of pharmacy services and brings her customer service and leadership experience into the role as marketing manager.

“German, our dedicated financial advisor, is a firm believer in achieving optimal success through his work with numbers and provides the financial backing that TASASSIST needs to achieve success in service provision.”


This team recognises that some mental health patients often have to wait up to six weeks for treatment and aims to close this gap via its mental health initiative, The Cloud Nine Project.

“This serves as a framework to ensure patients, being treated for mental illnesses of all spectrums, are being provided ongoing support.

The team is made up of four pharmacists united in breaking “the glass barrier between the patient, their mental health and the healthcare providers”.

“Our Pharmacist in Charge – Samantha Lee – passionately advocates the importance of integrated mental health support and brings her expertise to intuitively deliver personalised care for patients with complex health needs.

“Our Operations Manager – Cindy Wang – oversees this process to ensure smooth workflow process in mediating interdisciplinary care via telemedicine.

“Sharon Shi – responsible for Marketing and Human Resources – unites and promotes the pillars of our mental health initiative by effective employee education with emphasis on compassion.

“Emily Ge, our Financial Advisor, puts our business into perspective by ensuring that our services not only remain profitable but also accessible for people who require our services the most. Most importantly, the development of our innovation would not have been made possible without the kind assistance from our mentor, Feras Karem.”

The Cloud Nine Project gives the following three pillars: interdisciplinary involvement, timely crisis care and integrated treatment plans, the team says.

It utilises its own eHealth platform, C9 Connect – a website developed and run by pharmacists – which delivers services already provided by pre-existing online pharmacy models but also adds this to the human interactions pharmacists can uniquely provide in primary health settings.

“For example, C9 Connect comes with a personalised mood tracker which mediates early detection of consistent low moods and crisis situations. It provides our patients with healthy distraction methods during their lows, faster delivery of emergency services and daily positive affirmations to wake up to in the morning.

“Moreover, C9 Connect helps to bring together physicians, psychologists and pharmacists to provide interdisciplinary care using telemedicine, improving accessibility of mental health care in a regional setting. Our aim is to provide an evidence-based, personalised healthcare companion to all mental health patients who walk into our pharmacy – accessible at the touch of their fingertips.”

The three finalists will present their investor pitch ‘live’ at Pharmacy Connect on Saturday 8 September, with the winners announced at the Gala Dinner that evening. The winners will receive $5000 plus $2000 to their pharmacy school, second place will receive $4,000 and $1,000 to their school, and third place will receive $2,500 and $500 to their school.

The competition is an initiative of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and is sponsored by Sanofi Consumer Healthcare (principal sponsor), EBOS (major sponsor), Gold Cross Products and Services and Pharmaceutical Defence Limited (PDL) (foundation sponsors).

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