APP2016: the 10 best quotes

“The days of handing out prescriptions like you’re flipping hamburgers are gone for ever”
Carlo Berardi, chair, Canadian Pharmacists Association

“How can you invest or commit to your pharmacy if you don’t know if your future is secure?”
Ian Strachan, chair, National Pharmacists Association (UK)

“Initial data shows around 79% of pharmacies have offered a [PBS co-pay] discount to some customers”
Sussan Ley, federal Health Minister

“The key to transitioning your pharmacy is to begin shifting your mindset from looking at a customer to looking at a patient”
Swarup Afsar, Pharmacy 777 Nollamara

“Vaccination is an exciting opportunity to expand what you do. It also shows you that patients are willing to pay for these services”
Amanda Seeto, pharmacist and Queensland Guild branch committee member

“Either wholesaler remuneration changes to reflect [current challenges] or ultimately the current model… Is unsustainable”
Mark Hooper, chair, NPSA

“Medicines pricing is now in its end game”
Allan Tillack, chair, Generics and biosimilars Medicines Industry Association

“It’s integral to get plans for a greater role for the pharmacy sector underway. I want to see how an expanded role for pharmacists will look”
Sussan Ley

“The Guild have been against the $1 co-pay discount from day one. We don’t think it’s a good idea for health policy”
George Tambassis, Guild national president

“To work in a chemist you have to be a nice person,”
Ian Strachan


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