Brits back pharmacy

Pharmacies are high up on the list of shops wanted on the ideal high street, a British survey has shown

A new YouGov Omnibus survey provided participants with a list of 26 types of shop or institution commonly found on main shopping strips, and asked them which they felt they’d most like to see there.

The winning outlets were banks and post offices, both of which received a vote of 92% from Britons.

In third place, however, was the pharmacy: 91% of respondents said they would want to see a pharmacy on their ideal high street.

Only 3% said they definitely would not want a pharmacy there. Another 5% were undecided on the issue.

Next on the list were restaurants and cafes (90%), clothes shops (87%) and newsagents (84%).

At the bottom of the list were betting shops (15%, with 73% saying their ideal high street would definitely not include one); petrol stations (42% in favour, 46% against); and estate agents (46% in favour, 39% against).

The survey found that younger and older people also had different preferences, with people aged 65 and older 19% more likely to say they wanted a pharmacy on the ideal high street.

A spokesperson for the Pharmacy Guild of Australia said that Australians “clearly are not alone in valuing the accessibility of community pharmacies and pharmacists”.

“This underlines the importance of a well-distributed pharmacy network to dispense PBS medicines and provide medication and minor ailment advice,” the spokesperson says.

“Most Australians live within 2.5 kilometres of a local pharmacy which is a tribute to our pharmacy model in such a large continent.”

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