Caught in the act

seagull sitting on a wall

They’re usually more likely to just steal from your fish and chips, but this seagull took theft a step further

The Daily Mail Australia is reporting on the activities of a “ballsy” seagull who walked into a British pharmacy and took its time trying to steal from the beauty section.

An audience gathered as the gull entered the Kamsons Pharmacy in seaside resort town Bognor Regis, West Sussex, including student Sophie Mack, who snapped some surveillance pictures of the attempted robbery.

The seagull “carefully” selected a pack of cotton wool pads and began to drag them towards the door using its beak, reports the Mail.

“But the bird appeared to get cold feet when it spotted Ms Mack watching it and dropped it on the floor.”

The gull left without any ill-gotten goods and joined a crowd of other gulls who were reportedly waiting for it outside, at which point the pharmacy staff were alerted to the situation.

“My mum said to the staff, ‘You’ve got a shoplifting seagull!’,” Ms Mack told the Mail. “The lady behind the counter thought it was hilarious.”

The attempted theft is the latest in a string of incidents where wild animals have targeted pharmacies for their misdemeanors, for help or just dropping in: such as this koala, this alligator, this stork or this snake.

See the pictures at the Daily Mail here.

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