“The Chemist Warehouse team have built the ‘how to’ model”

Chemist Warehouse Woden, September 2013.
Chemist Warehouse believes there is not enough competition under the current pharmacy model.

Chemist Warehouse is “winning the catalogue game”, according to a piece in B&T

The advertising, marketing, media and PR title has run an analysis piece in which it looked at three health and wellbeing companies who are “taking it to their rivals via catalogues, and are doing so with great success”.

The piece, “How Chemist Warehouse is winning the catalogue game,” says that the trend to offer education as well as product information is working.

It examines Chemist Warehouse’s The House of Wellness program, which “supports their weekly sales catalogues”.

“The Chemist Warehouse team have built the ‘how to’ model for others to learn from,” writes the B&T team.

“The company furthers the educational approach within other channels, from sports sponsorship (or brand presence) and now to brand credibility, with their TV program on 7TWO focusing on the latest lifestyle, health and beauty trends viewers can apply to their everyday lives.

“Jumping from one channel to the next, Chemist Warehouse has proven that placing the focus on providing customers information about promoting health and wellbeing is effective in expanding its already wide audience, reinstating its brand position and communicating it at all times – value and reliability.

“Customers love it.”

Meanwhile, Chemist Warehouse’s first New Zealand store has opened a little later than industry observers originally expected, reports Pharmacy Today – and 10 more stores are planned for the near future in Auckland.

The first store, in St Luke’s, is owned by Azman Haroon, who says that the giant plans to offer customers free dispensing of subsidised medicines.

For partially subsidised medicines, the pharmacy will “take a partial payment,” he says, and non-subsidised prescriptions will be offered at a discount of up to 50%.

“We don’t generally buy much cheaper than other pharmacies,” Mr Haroon told Pharmacy Today.

“We just run on lower margins to enable us to offer our customers the best value for money every day. And if we get cheaper prices from suppliers, we put them back into our margin and pass on the saving to the customer.”

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  1. Ian Bodycote

    I have a question here : what is the definition of ” Successful” ?
    Is it : success ” selling plenty of stock ”
    or having hard evidence that what we have sold has actually made people achieve ” wellness” as the catalogue claims ?????

    • Big Pharma

      Throw in an unregulated unaudited “medscheck” after selling these items (handing out a receipt with the items listed seems to be sufficient) and you have a “successful” pharmacy model.

      Profit by any means possible has been the trend in community pharmacy for the last 5+ years. Even the PGA tried to collude with blackmores a while back. If we actually what collaborative clinical evidence based pharmacist input, HMRs would not be capped.

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