Codeine to go script-only?

white tabsules spill from bottle

The TGA is seeking comments on several proposed amendments to the Poisons Standard, including that the Schedule 3 entry for codeine be deleted.

It is proposed that the current Schedule 3 codeine entry be rescheduled to Schedule 4, “due to potential issues of morbidity, toxicity and dependence”.

Consideration may be given as to whether all current Schedule 3 preparations should be rescheduled to Schedule 4, or whether any rescheduling to Schedule 4 should only apply to combination analgesic products containing codeine.

Consideration may be given as to whether the Schedule 2 entry for codeine should also be amended.

Other proposals include amendments to esomeprazole, hydrocortisone and hydroctorisone acetate, naloxone, and the rescheduling of orlistat from Schedule 3 to Schedule 2 for oral preparations for weight control purposes containing 120mg or less of orlistat per dosage unit.

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NOTICE: It can sometimes take awhile for comment submissions to go through, please be patient.

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