College takeover wins approval

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Members of the Australian College of Pharmacy have accepted a proposal for it to be effectively taken over by a branch of the Pharmacy Guild

According to College President Chris Owen, 79% of members who voted, chose to accept a bid from the Queensland branch of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, a move he says will ensure the viability of the College.

The vote came after a special meeting held in Brisbane this morning (20 January).

Mr Owen, who is a committee member of the Queensland Guild, said the vote to accept the proposal was above the 75% ‘Yes’ vote required by the College’s constitution.  

The members were accepting a special resolution which would see the College restructured as a proprietary company, with shares owned by the Queensland Guild.

“After 40 years of operation, the Board made a decision to review some components of its governance and structure to ensure its future viability and success,” Mr Owen said.

“After careful consideration, the College Board unanimously decided to seek the views of members about the future direction of the College….”.

“The Member General Meeting…. allowed members to cast their vote in person or by proxy and allow Members the opportunity to ask questions regarding the special resolution,” he said.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia issued a statement saying it welcomes the “overwhelmingly positive” vote by college members, which would “ensure the ongoing viability of the Australian College of Pharmacy”.

Guild National President, George Tambassis, said that the Guild is supportive of a strong, competitive and vibrant pharmacy education sector.

“The Australian College of Pharmacy is known for its reputation for excellence in pharmacy education and member services. In today’s world, and in the education and training sector, innovation and growth requires a commitment to employ resources and capital.

“The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is passionate about the success of the College. The Guild has provided financial, operational and infrastructure support to the College to ensure its viability.

“On behalf of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia National Council, we welcome today’s positive vote and look forward to seeing the College grow from strength to strength,” he said.

A number of former College office holders, and leaders of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, had questioned the proposal and the Guild takeover, saying a previous proposal by PSA had not been put to College members. 

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