Educating community on World Pharmacists Day

World Pharmacists Day ad

Friday September 25 is World Pharmacists Day and to mark the occasion, the PSA has launched a campaign letting the community know of the great work that pharmacists do and that Members of the PSA are committed to excellence in pharmacist care.

National President of the PSA, Joe Demarte, says the World Pharmacists Day theme of “Pharmacist: Your Partner in Health” aligns with the principles of being a member of the PSA.

“MPS (Members of the PSA) is the mark of recognition that gives consumers the confidence that their pharmacist is committed to better health for them and their families,” he says.

“As an MPS, their pharmacist plays an integral role in improving the health of our nation.”

Demarte says the MPS campaign will be ongoing and will highlight the work pharmacists do in improving consumer health outcomes.

“We have produced a consumer infomercial that will be shown on our website and social media to inform consumers of the role of pharmacists in improving health, and what MPS means to them. Already thousands of people have connected with the campaign on Facebook,” he says.

“Underlying this is the value of PSA membership in supporting its members deliver excellence in pharmacist care.”

The campaign, with the theme of “MPS: Committed to Better Health for You” highlights the value of being a PSA member and using the MPS (Member of the Pharmaceutical Society) post nominal. It also seeks to raise consumer awareness of what an MPS is.

PSA members are being asked to use the MPS post nominal wherever possible and also to join other members in preparing their own video of no more than 15 seconds in length on their views of the benefits of membership.

Other PSA campaign activities include:

  • asking members to use their MPS wherever possible;
  • submit a photo or video to Instagram and tag #committedMPS, or @proudMPS to celebrate pharmacy excellence on World Pharmacist Day;
  • show their commitment to better health and display the World Pharmacist Day 2015 poster in your workplace; and
  • promoting the consumer infomercial widely.

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