Emulate Pharmacy Guild, say age care stakeholders

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Stakeholders from the Aged Care Guild have suggested emulating the Pharmacy Guild’s tactics in lobbying governments

The Aged Care Guild has launched a new campaign, “Protect Aussie Aged Care,” which features aged care professionals and urges stability in funding, the Australian Ageing Agenda reports. The Guild represents the nine major for-profit aged care providers.

The campaign comes ahead of the upcoming Federal Budget, in which aged care stakeholders expect funding cuts to the sector. Peak bodies in the sector have already highlighted the potential impact of further cuts in their pre-Budget submissions.

Sector leaders told delegates to a recent conference that aged care provider groups and consumer groups all need to make more noise and “get in front of federal MPs”.

“One thing this industry has is a presence across every federal electorate and every federal MP should see you – not just at election time,” Aged Care Guild CEO Cameron O’Reilly told delegates. “Make them understand your challenges and the benefits you’re providing to the community.”

And Ian Yates, chief of Aged and Community Services Australia, highlighted the strength of the messages to politicians coming from the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, saying a factor in its success was that it “had a Guild pharmacy in every electorate,” the Agenda reports.

“If we wanted to pick up the same approach in aged care we would have to become more disciplined in the sector as a whole – provider peaks, consumers, unions – in the messaging, because too often we’re out there giving different messages,” he said.

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