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An AusPharm member writes: “I will be forced on to the NBN in October when the copper network gets turned off. Faxes, EFTPOS and B2B alarms apparently will not generally work. Sending faxes will be a pain as I really don’t want to have to scan and email doctors (or send through efax) for owing scripts. What have ‘listers done that works?”

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  1. geoff

    We are due to change over shortly so I have no guarantee but our NAB eftpos terminals have already been upgraded to 3G with fallback to internet so should not be an issue if 3G mobile is working, deleting any dialup backup ( Used to be internet with fallback to 2G which was always the last to be repaired if anything went wrong with the mobile network).
    Chubb security has also upgraded our monitoring to 3G mobile (at a higher monthly rate but calls included). This meant we could get rid of the phone line dedicated previously to Eftpos and Chubb.
    We have a Samsung phone system which should work and a fax which I assumed would still work but if it doesn’t I will either look at a new one or look at PC Fax. I have changed to NBN at home and phones and an old fax still work.
    We have MedAdvisor and just had a look at part of the program that can send secure individual or bulk emails to doctors and I think it will work well for owings and last repeat reminders for Webster clients, saving a fair bit of faxing

  2. Brad Carter

    Talk to your ISP about setting your fax up through NBN, it can be done quite easily.

  3. Arabella Hart

    As Brad said, your ISP can help with setting up a fax. We have NBN with these guys and our fax still works
    We have a 3g alarm with and a wireless eftpos with these guys

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