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To help pharmacists ‘visualise’ the acid pocket concept and Gaviscon mode of action, RB teamed up with an expert bartender and community pharmacist Stuart Nankivell to create a short educational video for pharmacists.

Recently, researchers have identified a major source of postprandial acid reflux called the acid pocket.

The acid pocket is a highly-acidic gastric secretion which floats on top of the less- acidic stomach contents, close to the gastro-oesophageal junction, after meals.1

Gaviscon Dual Action works to form a raft that sits on top of the stomach acid to create a protective barrier.2

“The role of the acid pocket in the treatment of GORD is quite a new concept, and one that many pharmacists are not overly familiar with.

“RB thought that likening the formation of the acid pocket and the Gaviscon mode of action to that of creating and layering a cocktail was a novel way to explain an otherwise complicated process,” Nankivell says.

To check out the ‘Gaviscon-inspired’ cocktail and to learn more about the acid pocket, watch the Gaviscon video below.

For more information on Gaviscon Dual Action and the role of the acid pocket, visit



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