Infamous pharmacy spats on Twitter

Representatives of the Pharmacy Guild and the RACGP have once again exchanged terse words on the social media platform

It all began with 140 characters.

David Quilty, Executive Director of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, sent the following tweet to Evan Ackermann, a rural GP and Deputy Chairman of the RACGP National Quality Committee.

Ackermann responded immediately and innocently.

And before we knew it, Victorian Guild President Anthony Tassone decided to chime in.

Youch. This is not the first time the Guild and Evan Ackermann have butted heads.

In April, the Guild tweeted that community pharmacy could play a key role in reducing hospital admissions each year due to medicine related causes.

Ackermann responded by tweeting to the RACGP and Health Minister Sussan Ley that involving pharmacists only would result in increased re-admissions.

It didn’t go down well. What followed was a lengthy debate between pharmacist John Cook and Ackermann over the evidence behind pharmacist intervention – with Tassone again ringing in.

“Dr Ackermann’s entitled to his opinion, but there’s increasing evidence of avoidable admissions and readmissions to hospital due to medicines-related events,” Tassone later told the AJP.

“But the fact is that consumers visit their pharmacies sooner after being discharged from hospitals, and frequent their community pharmacies, more than any other health care destination in Australia,” he said.

Meanwhile, the friction between pharmacy and general practice continues…

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  1. Harriet Wright

    Yes, we had a great anecdotal incident yesterday. Patient’s carer presented with scripts that were 10 days old saying that patient was being discharged from hospital tomorrow and could we dispense scripts. Rang GP (also rural hospital doctor) to confirm that medication as prescribed was correct, given age of scripts. GP advised to call hospital and get current med chart as patient was actually re-admitted after these scripts written. Nursing staff actually refused to fax me the chart – she ‘preferred to read it out to me’. Really? What? Just so we could make sure that there might be transcription errors? Such a great helpful medication management approach.

  2. Kevin Hayward

    I personally believe such base conversation should be held in camera. The public impression generated does nothing for demeanour of either profession.

  3. Melina Parisi

    Aren’t they already using pharmacist intervention in America with proven reduction in hospital readmission? How are we behind in this?

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