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Septrin Forte Tablets shortage to last until mid-Feb 2018, while several forms of estradiol patches continue to be unavailable

Septrin Forte Tablets (Sulfamethoxazole; Trimethoprim) are currently experiencing a shortage, which is expected to last until 16 February 2018.

Arrow Pharmaceuticals has informed the TGA the shortage reason is due to a delay in supply from the manufacturer, says a spokeswoman for the TGA.

Meanwhile the shortage of estradiol patches continues, which have been ongoing since August.

The following shortages of Novartis products are expected to continue until mid-December:

  • Estalis Continuous 50/140 estradiol 50mcg/day norethisterone acetate 140mcg/day patch sachet
  • Estalis Continuous 50/250 estradiol 50mcg/day norethisterone acetate 250mcg/day patch sachet
  • Estalis Sequi 50/140 patches sachet composite pack
  • Estalis Sequi 50/250 patches sachet composite pack
  • Estradot 50 estradiol 50 microgram transdermal sachet
  • Estradot 37.5 estradiol 37.5 microgram transdermal sachet
  • Estradot 25 estradiol 25 microgram transdermal sachet
  • Estradot 75 estradiol 75 microgram transdermal sachet
  • Estradot 100 estradiol 100 microgram transdermal sachet

Most of the above shortages have been occurring since 1 Nov 2016. Novartis Pharmaceuticals says the shortage is due to “manufacturing” reasons.

Thankfully two estradiol product shortages have been resolved: Bayer’s Climara 25 estradiol 25 microgram/day transdermal sachet, and Climara 75 estradiol 75 microgram/day transdermal sachet.

Shortages of Ketalar ketamine 200mg/2mL (as hydrochloride) injection vials are expected from now until 15 January next year.

Meanwhile a shortage of Pfizer’s Fasigyn tinidazole 500 mg tablet blister pack is expected from 01 February 2018 to 30 April 2018.

And MSD’s Diprosone OV betamethasone 0.5mg/g (as dipropionate) ointment tube is reportedly unavailable from now until 1 April next year.

For more information see the TGA Medicines Shortages Information Initiative.

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