No more hangovers

A British professor has invented a synthetic alcohol that mimics the positive effects of alcohol but avoids hangover symptoms

Known as ‘alcosynth’, the new drink doesn’t cause a dry mouth, nausea and a throbbing head, according to its creator Professor David Nutt.

The Imperial College Professor who specialises in neuropsychopharmacology told The Independent he has patented around 90 different alcosynth compounds so far.

Two of them are now being tested and Professor Nutt hopes his alcosynth creation could completely replace alcohol by 2050.

“It will be there alongside the scotch and the gin, they’ll dispense the alcosynth into your cocktail and then you’ll have the pleasure without damaging your liver and your heart,” he says.

“People want healthier drinks. The drinks industry knows that by 2050 alcohol will be gone.”

However there may be legal barriers to come, for example a new Psychoactive Substances Act that came into force across the UK in May.

“It’s an interesting idea, but too much in its infancy at the moment for us to comment on,” a UK Department of Health spokesperson told The Independent.

Image by Mislav Marohnić

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