Passive ‘vaping’ risk


The risk assessment report from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. only considered e-cigarettes with nicotine, since there has been very little research about e-cigarettes without nicotine.


  • Since e-cigarettes contain nicotine in the same quantities as cigarette smoking, the same harmful effects from nicotine can be expected.
  • The vapour from e-cigarettes contains so much nicotine that bystanders can ingest the same amount as with passive tobacco smoking. This may affect addiction to nicotine.
  • E-cigarettes are less harmful than smoking tobacco, especially with regards to cancer.
  • The health risks of long-term e-cigarette use in the population are unknown.

“In Norway, it is mainly smokers and former smokers who use e-cigarettes. The question is if this will still be the case if e-cigarettes become more accessible. It is important to avoid e-cigarettes becoming a trend among adolescents and young adults, or to introduce non-smokers to nicotine addiction and tobacco use,” says Dr Camilla Stoltenberg, director-general at the NIPH.


E-cigarettes have only been available for a short time and so there has been little research into exposure and potential harm, says the NIPH. Its risk assessment is mainly based on evaluation of the individual components of e-cigarettes.The researchers say there is a wide range of e-cigarette types, with varying content of nicotine and other ingredients. Differing types and usage patterns will influence potential health damage. If e-cigarettes are allowed to be sold in Norway, their use and possible adverse effects should be monitored by research, they say.

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  1. Mister Blog Dog

    Scaremongering garbage and the worst kind of junk science possible.

  2. exjwelder

    Considering that the biggest risk of smoking tobacco is cigarettes is cancer and not nicotine and this study found e-cigarettes less riskier in that regard is a big win. The “risk” of nicotine to adults though is totally fear mongering as science all agrees nicotine on it’s own has little risk.

  3. Luke Newman

    The biggest issue I have is if they are unregulated (as they currently are, technically they are illegal as nicotine is a registered (listed?) drug), that the quality of formulation isn’t assessed and there is no accountability.

  4. Jack

    ‘Since e-cigarettes contain nicotine in the same quantities as cigarette smoking, the same harmful effects from nicotine can be expected.’

    Please explain the harmful effects of nicotine especially when in a passive smoke environment and not mixed with any of the other nasties of tobacco smoke….

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