Pharmacists plan to leave, change roles in 2017

We asked what your professional goal was for the new year and one option was a clear winner

Most pharmacists are hoping for significant changes in the new year – a sentiment that continues from early last year.

One of our most-clicked stories for 2016 was ‘Pharmacists want to run away’, in which the majority (61%) of respondents to an April poll reported wanting to leave the profession.

Our latest poll asked readers: what is your professional goal for the new year?

The leading response was to “leave the profession” (31% of votes), the most popular option by far.

However since the incidence of this response has nearly halved since the previous poll, it suggests some pharmacists are feeling more positive about their future in the industry.

Coming up second was the goal to move into a different role within pharmacy (12%) and get a raise (11%).

About 10% of pharmacists said they planned to undertake more training this year.

Interestingly, 7% of respondents said they wanted to buy a pharmacy in the new year, with the same amount wanting to increase revenue for their current pharmacy.

A further 7% reported wanting to implement new professional services in 2017.

Four per cent reported wanting to sell their pharmacy or shed excess staff in the new year.

And finally, 3% wanted to “relocate” within the pharmacy space.

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  1. JimT

    as the song goes……it’s the beginning of the end as we know it…….

  2. United we stand

    Hahaha the number of pharmacists wanting to leave halved because half of those wanting to leave found a better profession and left. Not because they became positive about the future. I’m in the process of moving into the pharma industry as well. $60, 000 / year barely gives you the remuneration necessary to stay registered as a pharmacist.

    • PharmOwner

      Had a bloke plonk down his Lamborghini keys on the counter and brag about how he was taking his sportscar for a spin last weekend. So I asked him what he did for a living. Commercial builder was his reply. I laughed and said boy did I ever choose the wrong vocation.

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