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Pharma giant unveils new retail research lab that aims to give insights into shopper behaviour

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare has unveiled a new Shopper Science Lab in Singapore.

A cutting-edge research facility that aims to drive business growth in the Asia Pacific region by the delivering unique shopper insights and collaboration with retailers.

The Shopper Science Lab is a world-class shopper insight facility, equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology. With virtual reality, eye-tracking, facial biometrics, and data visualisation as some of the tools employed in-house, GSK will invite its trade partners, internal business teams and researchers to use the lab to recreate retail environments; evaluate shoppers’ responses to online and in-store initiatives; and identify winning strategies and initiatives to enhance the shopping experience.

The Shopper Science Lab in Singapore has close proximity to a large region including Australia, enabling
GSK and its retail partners to study a diverse range of shoppers and environments closely, with local data
collected on the ground.

By adapting agile and cutting-edge technology, digital tools such as eye tracking glasses can be transported to various cities to provide researchers with an indication of how shoppers shop locally.

Technology such as virtual reality, tracking sensors and software that can decode the hotspots, can help
analyse this highly localised data to understand shopper behaviour in diverse retail environments.

Commenting on the advantages of using digital technology to collect and analyse data, Cheryl van den
Bovenkamp, Head of Category, GSK Consumer Healthcare Australia, added: “As a centre of excellence
for shopper insights our new Shopper Science Lab uses the latest advances in virtual reality, eye tracking
and biometric technology, so we are now able to gather insights more efficiently and effectively. This will
enable our partners to better meet the needs of their shoppers.

“We’re already working closely with our retail partners to better understand shoppers and deliver insight-driven category plans that are unique to the needs of their shoppers and drive incremental value growth.
This new facility will enable us to do this even more effectively in our region,” said van den Bovenkamp.

The new Shopper Science Lab is located in GSK Asia House in Singapore. It will allow our partners to
explore and understand not just our categories, but their entire store. Australian retail partners will be
visiting as early as November this year.

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