Pharmacy retail ratings released

Discounters lead the way in pharmacy retail satisfaction survey

The co-owned My Chemist and Chemist Warehouse chains have monopolised the pharmacy retail honours in the recent Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Guide.

The customer satisfaction ratings, announced this week, saw My Chemist sit atop the pharmacy retail rankings, with Chemist Warehouse in second place.

My Chemist achieved a 91% rating from consumers.  

Rounding out the top five pharmacy retail chains in the 12 months to October 2016 were: Priceline Pharmacy (3), Soul Pattinson (4) and Terry White Chemists (5).  

Both Chemist Warehouse and Terry White Chemists achieved an increase in the number of satisfied customers compared to the previous survey period. The satisfaction rating for Priceline and Soul Pattinson was lower than the previous survey.

Chemist Warehouse Group Chief Operating Officer, Mario Tascone said: “Customer Service is a major facet of the business that we pride ourselves in. Our staff strive to be the best, and do their best – ensuring a great experience for every customer that walks through our stores, so we could not be happier with the results”.

“This accolade not only speaks to the strength of our My Chemist and Chemist Warehouse brands but to all staff across the business who play a big part in our daily operation,” Tascone said.

Roy Morgan Research surveyed 8527 consumers to ascertain the ratings guide

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  1. AL83

    Well isn’t that fantastic

  2. William

    So do you work there Blinky or just rehashing the bleats of shops that cannot compete?

    • Paige

      Whats interesting is I’ve only ever worked places that had a net positive influx of patients leaving discounters coming to other places. You’ve got to wonder how bad the pharmacy has to be to lose a considerable portion of their trade to a warehouse.

    • BlinkyBill

      Since you’ve reaped the benefis of the golden age of pharmacy and are now retired..

      I urge you to perhaps get one of your children or grandchildren to work as a pharmacist for CWH. Where security guards have better working conditions and better renumeration than pharmacists. And our lives are no danger what so ever having access to DD’s or s8’s… also we only have the small responsability of life or death decisions which are no biggie… we just can’t stuff up. Like…. Ever. Yeah about 26 bucks an hour like check out chicks at ALDI covers that. GREAT. Not to mention, being understaffed, inundated and the mental health toll it takes on you being burnt out… and no breaks… hang on what are those???

      If your kids haven’t studied pharmacy, don’t be alarmed. Some universities have plummeted the ENTER/ATAR score to a pharmacy degree from 98.9 to a mere 70. Yeah… pharmacy has been cheapened alright… Perhaps after 5 years of study we can benefit from your kids/grand kids’ years, tears, sweat and hard work for CHEAP fragrances and medicines. Who cares if they’re inundated, stressed, burnt out or struggling to make ends meet… got your panamax for 99 cents right?

      This once proud profession has been cheapened by your generation that have allowed companies like CWH to take advantage of unrepresented pharmacists as slaves.. the Guild does not represent us. Never have. Only owners. Keeping us on ALDI check-out chicks wages with dismal working conditions.

      Actually to think about it William, I would rather be a check-out chick for ALDI than work as a pharmacist for CWH..
      Seriously… just think about it, no stress, no life or death decisions, no mental burden and YES we get to have breaks!!! Not only that William, but I won’t be shoe boxed in being just a check out chick just to be replaced with next check out chick… noooo…. I can work my way up to be manager some day, operations, sales, state or even national manger… Not to mention that I won’t have debts of tens of thousands of dollars of HECS to pay for… something which may be foreign to your generation… and I don’t lose any income or years and tears studying this degree … the best part is my mental health is tons better 🙂

      Now, I agree with you on one aspect. Supermarkets will hearald a new age in pharmacy. The guild has ultimately dug their own grave allowing this monstrosity to happen..

      There will come a time, where most likely supermarkets and pharmacist unions will hearald a new age and the guild will obsolete. It’s just a matter of time… it will be unions sitting at the table with the Government not the guild. At least, things won’t get dismally worse than they are now…. Not with a union vouching for you as an employee pharmacist. Look at the nurses, doctors, paramedic etc… All these guys are in much much better circumstances..

      The guild has allowed the two class patriarch society to occur in dismal places like CWH where you have whip masters – managers and individuals like Xavier – and hoards of coalfaced pharmacists being taken advantage of by burning them out. And that turn over keeps on going, ready to burn out the next batch with uncapped positions. Waste of tax payers money if you ask me, since most leave pharmacy… and still there is a shortage… can you blame them???

      Theses discounts you get come from CWH directly comes from our pockets, sweat and tears… If you convince your kids or grand kids to work there as pharmacists you would get a better picture of the dismal conditions perhaps… Its us working pharmacists giving you those discounts NOT CWH… things are not like the good ‘ol haydays which may have you reminiscing of good times.

      Innovative model right? More like modern slavery…

      #I would rather be an uber driver than be a pharmacist at CWH

    • chris

      mine were waz ripped.

  3. james koolis

    Shame ajp, shame. When did your publication become and advertising platform for chemist warehouse? First that disgraceful puff piece earlier this week now this. They have obviously infiltrated your ranks. Yes they should be awarded….., for everything thats wrong with pharmacy today. Shame ajp, shame.

  4. Amin-Reza Javanmard

    “They are either short staffed or there staff are filling the shelves. It’s very frustrating when you can’t afford to shop elsewhere.”

    Ultimately, we’re got to remember that a good portion of people are financially forced to put up with sub-par professional standards because their option is either that or not getting any medical care. It’s a terrible situation those people have been put in – it’s akin to allowing people to buy cars without seatbelts when their only other option is to not have any transport options.

    Of course, the argument could be put that letting people drive around without seatbelts cost us as a community more when that person gets into an accident and has injuries that could have been prevented with a seatbelt…

  5. Paige

    Haha, I hope those are just general comments and not in direct reply to me William. Any community pharmacist who dosen’t have chemist warehouse favourite-ed on their chrome hot-bar and check it regular are doomed to failure.

    They’ve recently raised their costs on a bevy of private and NHS drugs, they’re cheap on the obvious lines sure, but on the rest they just gouge the patient like the rest of us do. My Boostrix had to reflexively increase to $42.40 to match their increase. My cost price remained the same.

    I’m a massive advocate of deregulation. Cry havoc. A pharmacist in America gets paid a lot more than we do.

    • Jarrod McMaugh

      Pharmacists in the US are paid notebooks due to the size of the market, not due to deregulation

  6. Andrew

    There’s few things more frustrating than retired pharmacists who benefited so handsomely from the “old system” now turning in to the peanut gallery and telling the rest of us to suck up the scraps they’ve been charitable enough to leave.

    The rot started well before you retired William.

    • William

      I am not denying that at all Andrew. I purposely did not take over my Uncle’s pharmacy as I did not want to be a shop keeper so I did not gain much at all. I went on to have a career in science which I enjoyed immensely. Not as rewarding but a lot more satisfying.

      Nevertheless what I have stated is applicable. Rather than complaining, take some action and retrain in something else if you do not like what pharmacy has degenerated into.

      The good old days have well and truly past and the sooner everyone realises that the days of protection are rapidly coming to an end the better they will be in facing reality.

  7. chris

    Consumers wanted Bunnings compared to their corner store. They too will probably want Amazon for their groceries. You better watch out, you better take care !

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