Poll: Will you keep using MedsASSIST?

Will you keep using MedsASSIST now that codeine is to go S4?

Just before Christmas last year, the TGA finally made its long-awaited pronouncement on the future of codeine-containing OTCs.

From 1 February 2018, codeine-containing preparations currently available over the counter will become prescription-only. But what does this mean for MedsASSIST?

As of late November, the Guild’s figures showed that the real-time recording and monitoring system had chalked up more than four million transactions in the short time since it began to roll out across the country in March 2016.

The Guild’s data showed that 86% of consumers who had made five or more purchases were recommended to take follow-up action. And take-up figures were good, with almost 70% of pharmacies around the country having implemented the voluntary tool.

It wasn’t enough to stop the TGA recommending codeine OTCs be upscheduled, but several pharmacists have suggested that MedsASSIST has significant value regardless of the decision.

What do you think? Now that the rescheduling has been confirmed, will you continue to use MedsASSIST from now until codeine goes prescription-only in February 2018?

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  1. stephen boyle

    A bit of a questionable poll for a pharmacy journal. Everyone should continue to use medsassist, even after feb 2018 if the rescheduling occurs. It is the best way to identify people who could benefit from a different management strategy for their chronic pain

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