Positive pharmacy stories from the frontline

In need of a good news story or pick-me-up today? Here is a roundup from across your pharmacist colleagues of random acts of kindness they’ve received from the public

With stories abounding of pharmacists being verbally or even physically abused by an angry public, we’ve gone searching for stories of patients who have been just that – patient, understanding and generous.

After putting a call-out on social media, AJP received several stories of patients and customers that went the extra mile to make their pharmacist/s and pharmacy staff feel appreciated.

There were also lovely stories of people helping fellow patients who couldn’t afford their medications due to the current crisis.

Here are a few that were shared with us and also rounded up from across social media:


One of our regular Webster patients sent a cake back with the delivery driver “because I just know you’re trying very hard to take care of us right now”

Mahala McLeod

I did a flu shot today for a guy who works at Coles and as he was waiting his 15 minutes after he overheard our staff saying how we were running out of sanitiser for ourselves. He went and got some stock they had at Coles for their staff and dropped it off for us to use until we get some in for ourselves. Like a litre bottle as well!

Prasin Rodrigues

In our Capital Chemist store I was witness to one of the most awesome gifts of pay it forward in my pharmacy career. There was a client waiting for a large prescription when a younger client came into the business and explained he had lost his job, had little money and wondered could we assist him with giving him some medication to keep him going.
The other client, whilst waiting for his prescription, listened intently and without pause stated he would pay for his medication.
This act of generosity moved my team to tears and a not insubstantial amount (cost) of medication was paid for by a genuine stranger. It was very moving and showed the goodness of humanity.

Owen Patrick Mellon

We’re being quite spoilt with sweets, homemade soup, flowers and coffee vouchers.

This was a fruit flan bought for us by beautiful grateful customer.

Caroline Diamantis, Balmain Community Pharmacy

I love how we seem to have formed a bond with other local retailers and frontline health workers as we figure out way through this. We’ve had staff from the woolies, reject shop and cafes in our shopping centre let us know when toilet paper or latex gloves are in stock because they know we can’t get any after we finish work, and with local medical receptionists we have shared war stories, strategies or just given each other a moment of understanding of how hard it is every day.

I’ve heard someone talk about COVID-19 causing the rebirth of genuine community, as people reach out to each other to care or offer help to people they would never normally speak to, which is just beautiful.

Cameron Walls

We got a $100 voucher for the coffee shop anonymously donated to us today! Made my day in a week I’d rather forget


One of our customers came in yesterday and bought us all a round of coffees. Nice.


In the middle of this hell someone stops to tell me that I have the best staff team in town.


A card from a patient

Danielle D’Onofrio, Timboon Pharmacy

The daughter of one of our regular DAA patients asked if we were busy. Of course I said yes. She gave me her phone number and said if there was anything she could do to let her know. She said that there are lots of ‘oldies’ (her word, not mine) like her Mum and she wanted to make sure that everyone got everything they needed.

Katie Brooks

Source: Facebook/Capital Chemist Group
Capital Chemist Group

Another day another appreciative patient

We are hearing way too many stories about the general public getting edgy, impatient and rude to front line healthcare workers (and other essential staff like grocers and the likes), and whilst it may be true on occasion it’s disappointing that we don’t hear about all the random acts of kindness that are occurring.

Let’s put it this way – if these random acts of kindness/appreciation/generosity continue the staff at Cooleman Court Pharmacy will need to be doing a whole lot more exercise (while social distancing!!!!) Always appreciative.

Let’s just hope Ethan and James shared those chocolates and tidied up that messy office!

Source: LinkedIn/Bradley Butt

Brad Butt, Cooleman Court Pharmacy

From a patient: “Mum and I are worried about people doing it tough right now, especially older people. Can we give you $50 to pay it forward for someone else who needs it?”


Yesterday to make my mind in a better space and to stop focusing on the abusive patients, I started a tally and put a mark when a patient was generally nice and kind to me (despite the outcome I was telling them). I found that this was a good way to keep my mindset positive and to not let the bad ones get to me.

Maegan Johnson

Our local florist was recognising businesses doing great work and one of our customers nominated us. Such a kind, thoughtful (and yummy) thing in these days full of unknowns.

Cathryn Carlisle

Do you have a positive patient experience to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

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