Preventive focus for Naturopathy Medicine Week

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It’s Naturopathy Medicine Week, and the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association is encouraging Australians to investigate naturopathy as preventative health.

“Australians who regularly visit a well-trained Naturopath can prevent and turn around many common lifestyle conditions,” says Eta Brand, President of ANPA.

She says naturopathy offers the public safer and, in many cases, more cost-effective care for common conditions such as hypertension, raised cholesterol, overweight, fatigue, type 2 diabetes, sleep problems including insomnia, and mood variations such as anxiety and depression.

“Naturopaths focus on a wellness model of care and are trained to identify and treat conditions much earlier, preventing invasive and problematic conventional treatments costing the government billions,” says Brand.

‘Feeling stressed, digestive issues and poor sleep are common early warning signs that often lead to more advanced health problems incurring significant cost consequences if they are not addressed and treated in the early stages.

“This early intervention is where naturopathic care excels.”

She called on Health Minister Sussan Ley to acknowledge savings made to the health budget by naturopaths, “because our training uniquely focuses on preventative strategies not offered in conventional medicine”.

“State Health Ministers have an opportunity to save billions by urgently tabling a bill in parliament for the registration of Naturopaths under the NRAS,” she says.

She says naturopathic education is science-based and includes core subjects of naturopathic philosophy, herbal and nutritional medicine, and dietary and lifestyle advice.

As of January 2016, all naturopathy education in Australia will move to a minimum level Bachelor degree.

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  1. Those units make up 3 of a total of 48 units that make up the degree. The full list includes:
    Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) Course Structure

    Anatomy & Physiology 1

    Counselling &

    Communication Skills

    Herbal Medicine


    History & Philosophy of

    Complementary &

    Alternative Medicine

    Anatomy & Physiology 2



    Nutritional Foundations

    Anatomy & Physiology 3

    Biochemistry 1

    Research & Evidence-

    Based Practice

    Nutritional Foundations

    General Pathology

    Biochemistry 2

    WHM Materia Medica 1

    Food as Medicine

    Pathophysiology &

    Clinical Diagnosis 1

    Clinical Studies 1

    Nutritional Biochemistry

    WHM Materia Medica 2

    Pathophysiology &

    Clinical Diagnosis 2

    Homoeopathy 1

    Lifespan Nutrition

    WHM Pharmacology

    Pathophysiology &

    Clinical Diagnosis 3

    Homoeopathy 2


    Health Promotion

    Health Assessment & Diagnostic Techniques

    Nutritional Therapeutics 1

    Herbal Medicine

    Therapeutics 1

    Clinical Studies 2

    Drug & Integrated Pharmacology

    Nutritional Therapeutics 2

    Herbal Medicine

    Therapeutics 2

    Clinical Studies 3

    Professional Practice

    Advanced Herbal Medicine

    Flower Essence Therapy

    Naturopathic Clinical Practicum 1

    Integrative Complementary Medicine 1

    Naturopathic Clinical Practicum 2

    Naturopathic Clinical Practicum 3

    Integrative Complementary Medicine 2

    Advanced Naturopathic Clinical Practicum 1

    Advanced Naturopathic Clinical Practicum 2

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