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Eight complaints against a former compounding pharmacist have been dropped by the HCCC, but only after he promised to “never again” seek registration in the future

The HCCC has withdrawn its complaint against a pharmacist who from 2010 to 2016 was Chief Pharmacist at large compounding pharmacy Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals (ACP).

A total of eight complaints were brought against the pharmacist, alleging unsatisfactory professional conduct and professional misconduct related to the compounding of peptides, selective androgen receptor modulators, ketamine and a collection of other drugs.

However the HCCC decided to withdraw its complaints, as the pharmacist has not worked in the profession since 20 December 2018 and has not been a registered pharmacist since 31 December 2019.

The pharmacist has signed a Statutory Declaration in which he undertakes not to seek registration as a pharmacist in the future.

In his Statutory Declaration, the pharmacist says he will never again seek registration as a pharmacist and if he did so he acknowledges that the HCCC could re-agitate disciplinary proceedings against him.

The pharmacist told the HCCC in a letter that he has retired to “care for and spend time with my family”.

He also records that he notified the HCCC both orally and in writing of his resignation from ACP in 2016.

The HCCC added that there was no evidence of direct patient harm as a result of the conduct, which is the subject of the complaint.

Deputy President Jennifer Boland AM, from the NSW Civil Administrative Tribunal, acknowledged that the complaints against the pharmacist were “very serious”.

However she concluded that the HCCC’s reasons to withdraw the complaint marginally outweighed factors relevant to the public interest.

The tribunal consented to the application for disciplinary findings and orders to be withdrawn.

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