Terry White Chemist under fire for Golliwog display

Photo by © G.W. Helon: Australia 2016.

One of the brands’ chemists in Toowoomba will no longer stock the ‘golly doll’ in its product line after being accused of racism

Local resident George Helon was passing the town’s Terry White Chemist and snapped a photo showing the unfortunate placement of the dolls underneath a sign reading “experience a white Christmas”.

“It’s a bit of a shocker, I walked past and thought – what?” Helon told the Toowoomba Chronicle.

“I showed a photo to other people and they said, ‘what the hell?’ I don’t think there was any ill intent, it was just inappropriately placed.”

Golliwog dolls were popular until the 1970s and are widely considered to be a caricature of black people.

Owner of the Terry White Chemist Clifford Gardens apologised for the decision to stock the dolls.

“We unreservedly apologise if we have caused offence to our customers or any member of our local or broader community for selling this product,” said the owner in a statement.

“We have made a regrettable error in choosing to stock this product. Staff have removed the product from our shelves and we will be returning all purchased stock to the supplier. We will not stock this product in the future.”

TerryWhite Chemmart firmly stated that the golly doll is not part of their national line of endorsed products.

“We have taken immediate action to audit all pharmacies within our network to ensure this product, if present in any other pharmacy, is withdrawn from sale,” they said in a statement.

“Pharmacy owners within our network can stock and sell products at their discretion, in addition to our national line of endorsed products.

“As a consequence, we will develop and implement a guideline to ensure pharmacies within our network order and stock appropriate products consistent with our business values.”

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  1. Tim Hewitt


  2. Andrew

    Oh Queensland, you so crazy,

  3. Tony

    With a corporate name of Terry “White”clearly the whole organisation is institutionally racist

  4. Toby

    Riddle me this: Is a white person automatically racist, if they accuse a non-white person of being racist? Your answer will determine whether you really believe in equality, or not.

    • Philip Smith

      Offense can be found anywhere and created from nothing now days.
      Dont forget the clear skin proactive to bleach you skin is also in the photo!!!!
      How they didnt “spot” this I do not know?

  5. Vita Nakrosa

    It seems the customer wanted the White Christmas sign to be removed not the dolls. Funny how the knee jerk reaction was to apologise for the dolls.

  6. Dick Marris

    what is happening,,,,,My 4 year old white grandaughter has asked for a gollywog for xmas

    • Clive Cooper

      Absolutely right Dick. We are not allowed to sing Christmas carols at Christmas anymore as it may offend someone.

      The world has gone crazy………….

  7. Anelize Marais van Eeden

    This is ridiculous! I have 3 golly dolls that my family in Australia gave me as presents and I adore them. Like Tony mentions in one of the comments – what about the name of the pharmacy – WHITE – really!!! Wish they would send me all the gollies!!

  8. chris

    It is therefore no surprise yet again to see Brexit succeed and the magnificent Donald roll in. With rubbish like this, what a bunch of soft loosers some have become.
    Similarly, with the recent test match with the south Africans, I hope no one was upset when Dekok was out.

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