Chemist Warehouse underpayments ‘disturbing,’ says Guild

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The scale of the alleged underpayment of staff by Chemist Warehouse is “disturbing” says the Pharmacy Guild.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has announced today that Chemist Warehouse has entered a compliance partnership after back-paying almost 6000 workers more than $3.5 million.

Around two-thirds of Chemist Warehouse staff nationally were underpaid for training.

“The scale of this alleged underpayment and the number of staff affected is disturbing,” the Pharmacy Guild said in a statement today.

“It has the potential to undermine the trusted reputation of other complying pharmacies.

“Chemist Warehouse pharmacies are not currently Members of the Pharmacy Guild, and were not Members at the time of the underpayments.

“The exposure of the Chemist Warehouse underpayments is a timely reminder to all in the pharmacy sector of the need to comply with workplace legal requirements.”

The Executive Director of the Pharmacy Guild, David Quilty, said: “Workplace relations advice and assistance is a core benefit of Guild Membership.

“The Guild stands ready to work with the Fair Work Ombudsman in assisting Members in self audits to ensure compliance with statutory and legal obligations.

“It is imperative that the pharmacy sector complies with the Pharmacy Industry Award and related workplace legal requirements.”

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  1. John Page

    And when will the Pharmacy Guild, and others, look into the ownership setup of CW and the alleged breaches in this regard?

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