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Wizard Cannington- Pharmacy of the Year (1)
Wizard Cannington- Pharmacy of the Year

As we get into the swing of 2021, issues around questioning worrying scripts, rural maintenance and the COVID-19 vaccine have come into play this week

A pharmacist has been reprimanded after dispensing a methotrexate script which proved lethal for the patient… despite reporting her concerns to the doctor, sparking a reader discussion on navigating the relationship with doctors when they are reluctant to take pharmacist feedback on board. PDL professional officer John Guy shared some thoughts on managing the issue.

Change is coming: from Monday 1 February 2021, mandatory active ingredient listings on medicines will come into effect, with some exceptions… and we heard that the Department of Health has agreed to provide a six-month grace period for pharmacy.

Meanwhile Bourke pharmacy owner Peter Crothers, representing the Rural Pharmacy Network Australia, told the AJP that many rural and remote pharmacy owners had major concerns with the new Regional Pharmacy Maintenance Allowance. “Any way you look at it, it’s a stuff up,” he said.

GPs criticised the PSA‘s proposal for minor ailments presenting at Emergency Departments to be directed to community pharmacy.

We took a look at the ongoing crisis in medicines shortages… which the Pharmacy Guild‘s Anthony Tassone says is the worst in memory for many pharmacists, with the AMA vice president Dr Chris Moy suggesting stockpiling vital medicines and a return to Australian manufacturing could be partial solutions.

Congratulations to the WA Country Health Service (WACHS) TeleChemotherapy Pharmacy, which was recognised by the SHPA; and to Wizard Pharmacy Cannington, and all winners of this year’s Wizard Pharmacy Awards.

After reports of deaths in older people in Norway receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, the TGA moved to reassure Australians of its “extremely rigorous and comprehensive” regulatory policy. And is pharmacy ready to help roll out the COVID-19 vaccine? We’d like to hear your thoughts. Tell us in our poll, here.

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