It’s been a busy week in the pharmacy sector…

In digital health, the PSA launched its guidelines to support pharmacists in using the My Health Record system; the PSA also has a new GM, Belinda Wood. And a group of experts met and discussed clear legal principles about how a duty of care would look in the age of electronic records, while MedAdvisor reached the milestone of a million patients.

The AMA‘s Dr Richard Kidd wrote a piece discussing “bringing pharmacists into the fold,” though some of our readers are concerned about autonomy and salary—as well as whether anything’s happening regarding pharmacists having Medicare provider numbers.

The Fair Work Ombudsman announced it would audit 1,000 businesses across Australia, including in retail… though we don’t know yet whether pharmacy will be among them.

We saw an update to the EpiPen shortage: Mylan/Alphapharm is shipping out “thousands” of units, but the TGA expects it will take months for the shortage to be resolved. Meanwhile, flu cases are already more numerous than this time last year… and one doctor has broken rank with her colleagues to urge Australians to get vaccinated now. AMA president Michael Gannon appears to have toned down his message on flu vaccination, saying that the most important issue is encouraging vaccination, rather than concentrating on the timing.

There’s been some banner group news: Priceline has announced its biggest women’s health check, in which it plans to help 50,000 women through the service, while Chemsave announced a partnership with AuMake in a bid to attract the lucrative daigou and Chinese tourist market.

And congratulations to pharmacist and runner Madeline Hills for the good sportsmanship of herself and her team-mates while representing Australia at the Commonwealth Games this week… and to the pharmacists working hard at the Games Village Pharmacy.