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Does your pharmacy currently specialise in sports health and wound care? Would you like to? Let us know in our new poll

Sports medicine and sports health care is a burgeoning area, and it’s one in which pharmacy should be well-placed to play a role.

From wound care to sports supplements to muscle and joint supports to re-hydration products to pain relief this is an area where community pharmacy should be a prime source of support and products.

But is it currently playing this role? We want to know how important this area is to your pharmacy.









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  1. Debbie Rigby

    For any pharmacists interested in drugs in sport I can recommend this course

    The course director is Australian pharmacist Mark Stuart, who I worked with at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and Gold Coast.

  2. Harriet Wright

    I would really like to have some good definitive training on wound care and sports injuries and I know there are courses out there. What stops me from really specialising in this area is the price point of so many of the good products – they are simply out of the range of our pensioners and the young families. Does anyone know of a good, relatively inexpensive supplier?

  3. Bruce ANNABEL

    As an endurance triathlon competitive athlete I would like to access the products I need and services from a community pharmacy. To me it seems like a good logical extension into helping improve customer health and lifestyle. Anyone can stock product although the range available in pharmacies is highly variable with dare I say it Chemist Warehouse carrying the broadest range. Of the course the key element is advice which isn’t available at CWH and in my view represents the compelling opportunity for some pharmacists so inclined and passionate about sport to provide leadership. Examples include electrolytes, rehydration, the right carbo/energy products, nutrition advice, extensive wound care range, wound care PHARMACIST advice and of course assistance with acute wound dressings. Some of these are a big stretch for majority of pharmacists so would be more in the highly specialized field for the few passionate and credible pharmacists wanting to dive in.

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