Time out: slapdown for pharmacy radio critic

A radio personality has been widely criticised after she posted an online rant about a 15 minute waiting time for a prescription to be dispensed

In a video posted on Facebook earlier this week (Tuesday), and since taken down, KiisFM’s Thinkergirls co-host Kristie Mercer said: “I have to entertain myself because there’s a 15-minute wait on getting a script. What the f***? Like, I’m sorry, what is the hold up on the process? You hand over your prescription and they’re like, ‘Sure, there’ll be a 15-minute wait, here’s your little buzzer and we’ll be with you in 15’.

“Like, what is happening? I can see the medicine behind you, it’s like two metres away. Just grab it off the shelf and press print on the old sticker printer, slap it on and away we go. Is there some kind of magical process that’s taking place back there? Because I’m very intrigued as to why it takes so long,” she continued.

She then proceeded to theorise that the wait was a ploy to encourage patients to browse and make extra purchases while waiting for the script.

“Because who doesn’t need 16 types of fake tan extra dark mousse…“ she said.

Kristie Mercer unloads on pharmacy wait times

Her comments drew the ire of a wide assortment of respondents

“It’s the whole making sure the medication doesn’t kill you that takes a bit of time,” pharmacy assistant Litty Maloney wrote.

“That and the fact that, believe it or not, you aren’t actually the most important person in the world — sorry to break it to you.”

Pharmacist Nam Tran said the video was “very unfortunate to hear”.

“It’s loud ignorant voices like this that unfortunately changes the perception of pharmacists and pharmacy as a profession,” he wrote.

“’Slapping a sticker on it’ completely undermines the roles and responsibilities we have as pharmacists to provide a duty of care to every single person that walks through our doors. We need to not only review dosages, interactions and contraindications etc. regardless if they are just ‘right behind us on the shelf’ or not.”

Even fellow medical professionals joined in, with a hospital doctor posting “pharmacists have a really vital role in essentially preventing doctors from making mistakes that could kill people. Pharmacists do the double-checking [of things like] medication interactions, allergies we missed.”

A spokesperson for the Pharmacy Guild of Australia said, “Kristie Mercer seems to have been publicly corrected on social media by a range of pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and even doctors – eager to correct her inaccurate depiction of what’s involved in the dispensing process”.

“We note the offending video has now been taken down”.

The spokesperson says the Guilds poster on the Medicines Dispensing Process should be “recommended reading for Ms Mercer if she still has an interest in what really happens”.

The story has been widely reported by news sources. Click here for the Daily Mail’s take on the video.


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  1. JimT

    and for all we know there may have been 5 people ahead of her with one of them having 10 items to be processed and a cream to make up as well……….

  2. Gavin Mingay

    She has done a great job of self-promoting. Nobody has ever heard of her and now her radio show has made national news and her Facebook page would have had a record number of hits. She has even managed to get more publicity for Chemist Warehouse. Win-win for all involved…

    • Red Pill

      😂 last time i listened to her show i was working at the pharmacy and her show was on the radio. she called a dermatologist live on air because she had found a stray pube that was blonde and she wanted to know how that can happen. Dont be too beat up about it guys. It’s just trash radio serving to the lowest common denominator.

  3. William

    The trouble is some of these opinionated media types are full of themselves, have an opinion on everything, are not employed for their intelligence but their motor mouths.

    • Jarrod McMaugh

      You just described me (except the intelligence bit) 😉

      • Red Pill

        Jarrod the man with the magical motor mouth 😂😂

  4. PharmOwner

    Like, Kristie, do you um, like, realise that there might be 5 other people, like um, just as important as you who might have submitted their prescriptions, like before you? You like, have heard of a queue, like, right?

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