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A selection of the comments from AJP readers on the key stories from APP2017

We’ve received a slew of comments from readers in response to the news from APP2017.

A wide range of stories were commented upon, though undoubtedly the heaviest volume of comments was received for Guild national president George Tambassis criticisms of pharmacy review panel chief Professor Steven King.

Most respondents seemed to be critical of the Guild’s position, which certainly differed from the response Mr Tambassis gathered from APP delegates:

It would be interesting to see them do their worst wouldn’t it.


Didnt hear Greg Hunts speech, but I did read it and sounded like traditional lip service from a Polly.

Like a musician always say to the crowd they are performing to that they are the best crowd every!

I think they call it a cheap pop!

Philip Smith

Hahaha the Guild finally didn’t get things their way for the first time in a long run and are throwing a hissy fit.

Most non-owners are eagerly looking forward to the King review. Bring on change, because the Guild has run this profession to the ground

United we stand

But of course the guild is completely neutral and has no preconceived ideas about pharmacy…

Greg Kyle

“The Guild had done its best to work with Prof King, Mr Tambassis says.”

Really? Alternative facts at APP. I would love to see how the Guild has been doing it’s best to support this submission.

Ben Wishaw

Our analysis of the speech by new Health Minister Greg Hunt also gathered a number of reader responses: 

Good assessment

One of the issues I had with his commentary was in regard to biologicals. He said that pharmacists have an important role to advise patients.

I don’t know if I’m being overly critical & it’s just semantics, but the role of pharmacists – especially in biological equivalent substitution – is far more than advisory. We have a clinical role that includes advice, but also an assessment of appropriateness and suitability.

Jarrod McMaugh

The Guild is in no position to demand anything from the Minister. Because if the Guild tries, apart from huffing and puffing for the benefit of the rank and file, the Minister will cut off the multi-multi million-dollar payments the the Guild (not Guild members) gets from the govt for running PBS incentive programmes for the govt.

In other words, the Guild is bidding for the same pool of money, that real pharmacies also are bidding for. Which makes the Guild a business competitor of real pharmacies. Pharmacies need to be represented by an organisation, which represents the business interests of the actual pharmacies.

The Guild has its own business interests to consider.


There was a positive reception to the announcement that Lucy Walker Chemmart Goodiwindi was the 2017 Guild Pharmacy of the Year

Congratulations to Lucy! A well deserved win for all the team.

James Lawson

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