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A roundup of comments from AJP readers in July so far

Pharmacy wage increase (02/07/2020)

gonepipping says: “The value of the ‘offering’ of certain professions – like pharmacy – is either obfuscated from societal awareness, or the right ‘structure of the practice environment’ remains elusive or pegged to a historical legacy model which doesn’t work. This does nothing for patients or the necessary collaboration between all healthcare providers, yet somehow is now set in stone for another 5-years.

“Medications are not books, DVDs or general groceries. If we can learn anything from Prince, Brittany Murphy, Michael Jackson, or any other person who has experienced the detrimental result of medication mismanagement, it is that all health practitioners have a role to play in keeping our society going. They can’t do that if they feel the pressure continually of how they can use their wage, which reflects a ‘perceived value’ of what they offer and are capable of, to provide for and take care of their loved ones.”

Dr Evan Ackermann says: “Frankly I do think the front-line pharmacists deserve better.

“The 7th CPA failed to deliver what is needed most, improved remuneration models for frontline pharmacists and validity of community pharmacy as a profession and a trusted voice on health issues.
“Frontline pharmacists are compelled to increase their label-sticking, perform medication management services and “programs” which they know (and evidence says) does not work – for dollars that go to the business not them. The Guild wins again. Pharmacy programs are a backdoor payment to owners.”

TALL POPPY says: “Pharmacy wages have not kept up in-line with inflation at all…pharmacists should be on over $55/hr if it did minimum!

“You only have to look at Reddit and various online forums to note how disgruntled pharmacists are. The whole situation really is not optimal.”

Pharmacy accused of ‘cookbook or recipe medicine’ (07/07/2020)

Jarrod McMaugh says: “‘As a pharmacist, I probably felt I could diagnose a UTI easily due to the simplicity of the condition, but I realise now—having worked as a GP—that I didn’t have the knowledge or training to ensure the symptoms were not masking something more serious which, left untreated, could become a major health issue,” he said.’

“This is what is commonly referred to as an anecdote – it isn’t evidence, and isn’t representative of anything.

“I think it’s a shame that Dr Yim didn’t feel capable as a pharmacist, and that the AMA is choosing to exploit him in such a manner, but I hope he feels a lot more confident in his new role.”

Michael Ortiz says: “What is about the Queensland AMA and RACGP leadership? I have run out of patience with ‘chicken little’ and ‘chicken littler’ telling everyone how bad this will be for their patients.

“There hasn’t been the dire consequences that they predicted from Pharmacists vaccinations. In relation to UTI, this is only a pilot study to assess safety and efficacy of a new pharmacist treatment approach to managing uncomplicated UTI. Why not wait for the results of the trial to have an informed discussion?

“The Australian public deserves better from the medical profession and pharmacy profession leaders. Let’s work together to help all Australians in the time of the COVID pandemic. Let’s make our healthcare system work for the Australian public through improved collaboration, rather than protecting doctors’ and pharmacists income.”

Pene says: “I don’t agree… doctors start with empirical treatment for UTIs which is what a pharmacist will be doing including asking questions for red flag symptoms and then if symptoms return or don’t improve they will refer off for further investigation just the same way they manage constipation, diarrhoea, GORD etc etc”
Pharmacy-owning GP next door disqualified (07/07/2020)
Debbie Rigby: “Why GPs shouldn’t own pharmacies”
George Papadopoulos says: “And how will pharmacists manage the conflict of interest that arises when they are also prescribers?”
Jarrod McMaugh says: “I guess the lesson from this one is ‘don’t be a GP?’”
Andrew says: “Pharmacists are already prescribers, George.”


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