Pharmacy: the cornerstone of primary care

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Pharmacy: the cornerstone of primary care

Why pharmacy needs to move out of the dark ages, and should there be a limited pharmacy prescribing formulary? Experts talk about pharmacy’s past, present and future  

In the second of our podcast series looking at where pharmacy is at, where it’s come from and where it may (or should) be going to, host Carlene McMaugh speaks to a number of leading pharmacists on soem of the key topics and issues.

Among those featured in this podcast are: 

  • David Heffernan explains how technology has driven productivity gains, but for how long will this continue? And why pharmacy needs to make the move out of the ‘dark ages’ and embrace data
  • Elise Apolloni talks about how pharmacy will become the cornerstone of  primary health care in the future, with additional role expansion into limited prescribing, pathology referrals and increased pre-diagnosis
  • Ravi Sharma speaks about how he sees pharmacists becoming increasingly integrated into healthcare teams and taking on ever-expanding clinical roles
  • Cathie Reid says pharmacy must leverage it’s past and present strengths of trust and accessibility to carry it into the future

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