Speaking up

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Speaking up

In our latest podcast, Carlene McMaugh speaks to pharmacists about the need to be assertive, and how to do it without going too far into rudeness or conflict

Among the speakers in this podcast are: 

  • Chris Freeman discusses a fatal medical error, and how it highlights the importance of empowering pharmacists to speak up
  • Krysti-Lee Rigby talks about the need to be strong, without becoming rude or unprofessional, thinking before you speak and being measured
  • Lauren Burton talks about the tension between pharmacists risk-averse nature and the need to speak up on occasion
  • Deanna Mills looks at how and why pharmacists are often inherently not assertive, and how that relates to patient relationships
  • Carlene McMaugh herself discusses the need to keep the best interests of the patient in mind and  being self-aware when needing to be assertive with fellow healthcare professionals and with patients.       

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Carlene McMaugh, AJP podcast host

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