The deprescribing debate

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The deprescribing debate

Our latest podcast looks at deprescribing. Where do pharmacists’ responsibilities lie? What are the risks and benefits?

In this podcast, host Carlene McMaugh speaks to a diverse range of pharmacists to examine the state of play around deprescribing, and where the profession’s role current sits, and where should it be?

Among those in the podcast are:

  • Rachel Dienaar and Peter Crothers speaking about adverse events, discussing deprescribing with elderly patients and ensuring deprescribing is a means to an end, and not an end itself 
  • Amy Page discusses the role of polypharmacy 
  • Steve Morris talks about the challenges in talking to patients about deprescribing, and the need for support   
  • Amanda Cross looks at the barriers to deprescribing, the evidence to support it, and where it sits on the prescribing continuum

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Carlene McMaugh, AJP podcast host


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