What’s the right scope?

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What's the right scope?

In our latest podcast pharmacists speak about where they believe the profession should be looking to increase its scope of practice

There’s plenty of discussion around pharmacists practising to their full scope, but what does this entail? 

Our host Carlene McMaugh speaks to a number of leading pharmacists about where they think pharmacy should concentrate its efforts, where pharmacists need to improve their skills 

In this podcast, Carlene speaks to:

  • Rachel Dienaar and Peter Crothers talk about opportunities for expanding practice in areas of health prevention such as screening and risk assessment, the need for a rural pharmacist generalist role and training for diverse roles
  • Joyce McSwan discusses why pharmacy should improve its capacity to work in non-tangible service areas that truly expand its skills and scope in areas such as communication, planning and actioning
  • David Heffernan relates the state of plan around vaccination in pharmacy
  • Steve Morris considers the skills set required to expand scope of practice   

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Carlene McMaugh, AJP podcast host

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