Faster, easier, more intuitive: GuildCare evolves

Melina Tandy, Pharmacist – Capital Chemist Wanniassa, exploring the new GuildCare NG

GuildLink is set to launch GuildCare NG at the Australian Pharmacy Professional conference on the Gold Coast

GuildCare NG has been developed in response to the industry’s changing needs. A game-changer when it was first released in 2009, the GuildCare platform was created to give pharmacy the tools it needed to improve patient care, drive patient loyalty and enhance the role of pharmacists as healthcare professionals within the community.

To date, more than 11.7 million Professional Services cases have been completed through the GuildCare platform.

Now, after consulting with industry leaders and GuildCare users, GuildLink has redeveloped the platform to create a faster, easier, more intuitive and user-friendly Next Generation framework – while retaining the same range of industry-leading Professional Services.

How is it different?

The pace of technological change is ever-quickening and with the role of community pharmacy also evolving swiftly, GuildLink wanted to create a more adaptable platform to better support pharmacy into the future.

And with e-health becoming ever more a focus for legislators as well as patients, it’s more important than ever that pharmacists have access to a versatile, adaptable system.

GuildCare NG enhances the Professional Services experience by providing:

  • new business tools;
  • customisable dashboard and patient app – myPharmacyLink, tailorable to your pharmacy’s branding;
  • new and improved interface and navigation;
  • access using cloud-based technology;
  • offers Australia’s largest range of professional services programs, with over 30 to choose from; and
  • much more…

And coupled with the new, compatible patient loyalty-building app, myPharmacyLink, Guildcare NG has been transformed into a holistic pharmacy to patient solution. The app can be badged with a pharmacy’s banner group colours and assets, or adapted to fit the look of independent pharmacies.

Elise Apolloni, managing partner at the Wanniassa Capital Chemist, says that while the original GuildCare “literally changed the way we do business,” she is very excited at some of the changes implemented in the NG platform.

“My first, enormous love is that it is browser based,” she says. “This means I can record professional services anywhere in the country if I want, not just within the four walls of my pharmacy!

“For example, if I want to record a vaccination service – in the ACT, pharmacists can, under certain arrangements, vaccinate outside the pharmacy – I can log it in GuildCare NG. Or I could be at a diabetes education consultation in someone’s home, pull it up and write the referral letter in the browser, with the patient sitting there next to me.

“We could be doing a regular HMR [Home Medication Review] and again, enter the information into the software right there in the patient’s home.

“This will take professional services further outside the limits of the consultation room. GuildCare NG will be implemented into every part of the pharmacy, but allows us to go that one step further beyond the walls of your business.”

Ms Apolloni says she’s also excited by new features such as the ability to read updates about what other pharmacies are doing: “it’ll be a more interactive environment.

“There’s also nice little details like the fact that there’s less scrolling than with the previous GuildCare platform, and it’s much clearer what you still need to do if you’re halfway through a service and have skipped a question. Currently that’s not always obvious.

“Overall I think it’s going to be much more efficient in terms of time to complete services in GuildCare.”

Ms Apolloni shares the same motto as numerous other GuildCare users: “if you didn’t record it, it didn’t happen”.

With professional services increasingly being seen by patients as a standard offer, it’s more important than ever that pharmacists have the ability to quickly and easily record the implementation of these services, to drive customer loyalty and build their business.

 “It’s going to be a little different to what we’re used to, but my understanding is that the GuildLink staff are dedicated to adjusting it to be the best software it can be,” says Ms Apolloni.

“I’m excited to get in and start using it day to day.”

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