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  1. Mike anderson

    It would have been good to have risk management regarding the dispensing of complex compounding mentioned as well.

    • Karalyn Huxhagen

      absolutely. The compounding arena worries me greatly. I have encountered pharmacists developing their ‘own’ formulary in the pain managment arena. I worry as to where they sourced the evidence for the products they are using and whether the appropriate trials of absorption and therapeutic benefit of dose have been undertaken.
      There are superb compounding companies in Australian pharmacies but there are also those that are relying on the old adage of the pharmacist mixing his favourite brew to help the pain.
      They are putting themsleves at risk for what gain?

      • Jarrod McMaugh

        In Victoria, the VPA requires that every compounding pharmacy subscribes to the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding. It’s a great resource (and the journal has a much better presentation than their website…)

        They are a good resource (and certainly not the only one) for kinetic and dynamic data

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