Agenda Setters: Simon Furletti

Simon Furletti

Voted by readers as our final Agenda Setter in pharmacy, Simon Furletti has spent his career helping others become better at their jobs

Simon Furletti has spent most of his career helping other pharmacists to hone their skills for the community pharmacy setting.

He has worked as the professional practice manager for TerryWhite Chemmart – being one of the core people to set up their Masterclass event – and also for Chemist Warehouse as the professional services pharmacist and intern coordinator.

Currently in the role of student experiential manager at Monash University, he is restructuring how the university does pharmacy placements, which he hopes will lead to changes around Australia as well.

“We’re changing the complete approach to how we train students, to actually practically implement what they’re learning,” says Mr Furletti.

“The goal is to make a smoother transition into internships, so they’re more qualified earlier off the bat.”

Throughout his past roles, Mr Furletti has trained over 2000 students and over 1500 registered pharmacists.

“My role is not to train them on the status quo, it’s about how to actually be better,” he says.

“What I’ve seen is once you actually get people motivated and encouraged … [they can] really excel in the things that they trained for.

“It’s finding those things that motivate people to actually extend themselves, because it’s not necessarily what they can’t do, or that you need to create brand new things or get legislation passed, it’s just about doing these things a little more effectively and more engaged with the consumer, which has always been my focus.”

Another area he has been focused on is using the Advancing Practice framework to find specialties in primary care and community pharmacy.

“At the moment there’s no specialty in community pharmacy aside from HMR accreditation, but there’s plenty of roles that pharmacists do that aren’t identified,” says Mr Furletti.

“It’s more about the identification of that and how do you train those people to get to those different roles once they’ve been identified, and how do you do that in a way that builds it into the Advancing Practice framework.”

What you said:

“Driving change through high-quality education and practice improvement. He’s also bringing commercial insight to quality practice and interns.”

“Leading the charge in developing educational quality in multiple settings, and ultimately driving large-scale change and improvement through the entire profession. Truly amazing.”

The Agenda Setters campaign asked AJP readers to vote for the pharmacists they feel are showing the way forward for the profession. We finished with a list of 13 winners as voted by you: see the full list here.

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